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Dog Training

to Fit Your life.

Contact Carla for a free consultation today.


Imagine being able to call your dog and have him come the first time, every time or having your dog stay in one place until released!


Play fetch with your dog instead of keep away! Walk your dog without being drug down the street!  Feel confident in traveling with your polite and well-behaved dog.


Our results based, relationship focused training programs are designed to help you reach your training goals quickly.

Our lifetime follow up helps you protect your investment. 



Viszla x American Staffordshire Terrier

Carla is a miracle worker! She is so knowledgeable and has made such a huge impact on how we are raising/training our pups. Sending my Millie to her was the best decision I've ever made. She turned my frustrations into successes, and every day I still continue to experience victories with Millie's progress! I'm so thankful for Carla's guidance and expertise - she is highly recommended!!

Shannon S.


Colt & Cooper,
German Shepherd x Collie
& Beagle x Cattle Dog x Spaniel

Miss Carla is phenomenal, amazing, outstanding, knowledgeable - a true miracle worker. She explains our lesson and I laugh....thinking my boys will never do that.....and in minutes - they are doing just what she taught me to teach them. I will never doubt her again! I'm amazed after every lesson and I so look forward to the next 10+ years with my well-trained boys. I can't imagine our lives now without Carla's training and the love she shows my boys. She's a definite 5-star gal - HIGHLY recommended!

Julie J. 



American/Olde English Bulldog

We did 2 weeks of in board training for our puppy who needed it very badly. After the two weeks with Carla he came home and was completely better behavior wise, plus he could do some tricks! His personality was still the same which was important to us. We even sent him back for 3 days for boarding with Carla when we were on vacation. If we got another puppy we would go with Carla again in a heart beat!

Mandy C.

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