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Life is more fun on the farm!

We would love to care for your dog while you are away!

What to expect

We designed our boarding kennels with your dogs comfort and safety in mind when we built our facility in 2021.

Your dog can stretch out in our 4ft x 5ft built in kennels, each with their own chew-proof raised bed. Cozy in-floor heat, air conditioning, an automatic ventilation system, music 24/7 and lots of natural light all contribute to a healthy and comfortable space for our guests.

We exercise all our guests at least 4 times each day in the fenced yards attached to the boarding room.

Social guests are let out in supervised groups of compatible play styles. Not as social guests enjoy individual play time.

First let out in the morning is 6:00-6:30 am, last call at night is 9:30-10pm

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What To Bring

* Current vaccination records including


DHLPP distemper combo

Bordatella kennel cough

We DO accept titers!

Food storage is limited, no large containers;

refrigeration is available for raw diets

Medications if needed



Blanket optional, if chewed it will be removed

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Prices and Hours

1 Dog 

$35 per day

2 Dogs

* Separate kennels $65 per day


* Same kennel 

$50 per day

 must be able to be fed together

3 Dogs

* Separate kennels

$100 per day

* Same kennel

$65 per day 

small - medium dogs only, must be able to be fed together


Drop off and pick up hours:

Monday - Saturday 8-9 am and 3-5pm

Sunday 3-5pm

Pick up before 9am Mon-Sat no charge for that "day". 

Excludes Sundays.

Morning drop off is counted as 1st day

Afternoon drop off is counted as a 1/2 day.

Schedule Boarding

Boarding Form



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